Food Allergen ELISA Test Kits from Elution Technologies


The principle of the assays are double antibody sandwich ELISA’s utilizing a single prep procedure for all methods, thus one prep can be used for multiple assays saving you time and money. These methods were designed for both highly processed foods and native proteins, employing antibodies that can detect partially hydrolyzed proteins which can occur during the food manufacturing process, as well as detecting native proteins which are found in ingredients.

All methods have been validated for a large variety of common matrices but as with all methods any new matrix should be validated to prove compatibility. The assays can be employed as qualitative screening methods for allergens or quantitative determinations for allergen amounts. All necessary reagents for running these methods are included in the kit.

Most assays can be run in less than 30min and sample prep can take as little as 20min. (mostly incubation). Data reduction software is also available for an additional fee.

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