Pathogen - Campylobacter

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Campylobacter Latex Agglutination Kit
Microbiology International
  • Analytes: Campylobacter; C.jejuni, C.coli, C.Jejuni subsp doylei, C.upsaliensis, C.Iaridis, C.fetus
  • Media: Plates or Broth
  • Matrices: Food and Water Samples
  • Time to Results: 2 minutes
  • Kit Size: : 2.5mls Test Latex, 2.5mls Control Latex, 0.5ml Positive Control, 5mls Isotonic Saline (foods) or 50 mls GBS (clinical), Disposable reaction cards, Disposable Mixing Sticks

Select up to five products for comparison.

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