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CleanZone from Dycem Ltd

General Information
Product CleanZone
Company Dycem Ltd
Chemical Resistance: Refer to list in product description
Heat Resistance: Working range 0ºc - 50ºc (32ºf - 122ºf)
Anti-microbial: All Dycem products incorporate Biomaster
Color Options: Cobalt | Titanium | Midnight | Slate
Toxicity: Non-Toxic

Dycem CleanZone is a high performance contamination control zone designed to attract, collect and retain over 99.9% of foot and wheel borne contamination, and 75% of airborne contaminants entering from getting into your critical areas.

If contaminants such as Salmonella, E.coli, Listeria, Campylobacter, Pseudomonas come into contact with food the consequences can be severe. It can mean loss of profits and brand strength.

Dycem products contain an integral anti-microbial additive which has been successfully tested against 50 common organisms including Salmonella, E.coli, Listeria & Campylobacter.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE  - (1 hr. resistance), (24 hr. resistance)

Esters (aliphatic) – negligible solvation (1 hr.), slight solvation (24 hr.)
Ether – slight solvation (1 hr.), solvation may occur (24 hr.)
Formaldehyde – resistant (1 hr.), resistant (24 hr.)
Hibitane – resistant (1 hr.), resistant (24 hr.)
Hydrochronic Acid (concentrated) – resistant (1 hr.), not resistant (24 hr.)
Hydrogen Peroxide (30%) – resistant (1 hr.), resistant (24 hr.)
Hyochlorites – resistant (1 hr.), possibly some (24 hr.)
Kenotes – slight solvant (1 hr.), solvant may occur (24 hr.)
Nitric Acid (50%) – resistant (1 hr.), resistant (24 hr.)
Oil (diesel) – resistant (1 hr.), slight embrittlement (24 hr.)
Oil (mineral, vegatable) – resistant (1 hr.), slight embrittlement (24 hr.)
Petroleum Spirit – resistant (1 hr.), slight embrittlement (24 hr.)
Sulphuric Acid – resistant (1 hr.), resistant (24 hr.)
Uric Acid – resistant (1 hr.), resistant (24 hr.)
Water – resistant (1 hr.), resistant (24 hr.)

Dycem Ltd Contact Information

Dycem Ltd

83 Gilbane Street
Warwick, RI 02886

800 458 0060

Dycem Ltd Web Site

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