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General Information
Product SafetyChain for Food™
Company SafetyChain Software
Description: SafetyChain Software’s SafetyChain for Food™ helps the food and beverage industry manage safety and quality compliance in realtime – preventing non-compliant ingredients, raw materials and finished product from coming in or going out. SafetyChain for Food’s affordable solution modules help save time, save money and create efficiencies that contribute to the bottom line. SafetyChain for Food is a global, Software-as-a-Service solution, designed for fast deployment and even faster ROI.
Installed/Web-based: Web-based, “Cloud” Software as a Service
Modules: Reatime Compliance Management, Realtime Test Analysis, Realtime Smart Alert, Realtime Analytics & Reporting

SafetyChain provides innovative software technology for food safety & quality compliance management.  Our customers include food growers, suppliers, manufacturers, private labelers, distributors and food retailers/services customers.

Our SafetyChain for Food™ suite is the food industry’s first generation of cloud-based technology that provides realtime loss prevention™, helping our customers:

  • Enforce food safety & quality compliance standards
  • Eliminate the manual processes and errors associated with test results, COAs and CCPs
  • Prevent recalls, rejections and retrievals
  • Protect market value and brand

Systems on the market today are designed to track/trace food safety & quality problems after they happen.  Only SafetyChain’s Food Safety Chain Management suite is designed to PREVENT issues before they happen – at the earliest possible point in your inbound/outbound/internal food value chain. Using innovative realtime technologies – you can be pro-active vs. re-active to deviations in your safety & quality standards.

SafetyChain connects – “in the cloud” – all test results and data from vendors upstream and downstream in your food supply chain to:

  • Ensure the right tests are being performed to your standards and those of your customers
  • Capture and analyze realtime test results with actionable data
  • Issue COAs, track CCPs – or instantly alert the right people of non-compliant results
  • Provide up-to-date visibility into food safety and quality performance

We make it fast and easy for you to ensure you are only receiving supplies that meet your specifications and/or ensure you are sending customers finished goods that meet their specs.

SafetyChain’s customers realize hard-dollar savings by preventing recalls/retrievals/rejections, eliminating manual processes by more than 80% and getting product out the door faster. Other key benefits:

  • SaaS-based with fast implementation and even faster hard-dollar ROI – preventing just one internal recall can more than pay for this cost-effective solution
  • We onboard all suppliers for you
  • Integrates data from all major ERP, Supply Chain, Document Management, LIMs and other systems within your food safety & quality enterprise.

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Withdrawals, rejections and recalls cost the food industry $7 billion dollars annually – and the majority of these costs aren’t just from “worst case” recall scenarios where people fall ill and lawsuits occur. A large portion of this cost is created by internal ...


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