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Step up to the next level in productivity, performance and confidence with the new Agilent 7890B GC with Integrated Intelligence, built on the industry-leading Agilent 7890 series platform. New Sleep/Wake modes reduce power/gas consumption, direct 2-way communication between 7890B and 5977A MSD protects system investment and speeds vent times by 40% and Early Maintenance Feedback enhancements help minimize downtime. GC calculators, integrated within Agilent data systems, optimize methods and even auto-transfer new values to the method editor. The 7890B GC retains 7890 series fifth generation electronic pneumatics control and digital electronics for retention time precision. Fast oven cool down and robust backflush capability help you get more done in less time, all making the 7890B Agilent’s most dependable GC ever.


  • The 7890B GC helps you achieve better sensitivity, from injection to detection, with a new (optional) Inert Flowpath Split/Splitless Inlet and new Flame Photometric Detector (FPD Plus), both utilizing Agilent chemical deactivation technologies and consumables.
  • Specialty inlets/detectors include: Multimode inlet (MMI) - serves as two inlets in one: includes spit/splitless, temperature ramping, and large volume injection capabilities; Blos NPD - available for more stable operation and longer lifetime
  • 7890B Integrated Intelligence enhances 7890 series designs for the use of less expensive carrier gases like hydrogen or nitrogen with eco-friendly Sleep/Wake modes & 2-way 7890B/5977A communications to shut down flow due to an event (eg. pump failure)
  • Capillary Flow Technology (CFT): enables reliable, leak-free in-oven connections, provides a versatile means of analyzing complex matrices, enhances productivity and data integrity
  • CFT Backflush can reduce cycle times, reduce costs and yield better GC and GC/MS data. New Backflush Assistant Software Wizard guides the user step-by-step to configure the GC and to convert and validate an existing method into a backflush method.
  • Powerful, chromatographer-friendly OpenLAB GC software simplifies methods setup and system operation, and minimizes training time to meet the exact needs of your lab—from single user/single instrument to multi-instrument/multi-vendor facilities.
  • Built on proven 6890 inlets, detectors and GC oven; transfer methods to 7890 series GC’s with complete confidence. Retention Time Locking software reproduce retention times from one Agilent GC to another to help transfer methods anywhere, worldwide
  • Optional Bar Code Reader automatically updates Agilent column, liner, other information, error-free, into the 7890B GC or data system, even directly into the method. Agilent Parts Finder Tool provides fast/easy GC, GC/MS parts information and ordering Agilent 7693 Series Autosampler offers for the fastest injection times of any GC autosampler, plus dual simultaneous injection, with optional 50 or 150-vial capacity and enhanced sample preparation capabilities
  • Low Thermal Mass (LTM) technology provides direct rapid heating/cooling of capillary columns for extremely fast analytical cycle times. Simultaneous, independent (not asynchronous) column module temperature profiles (1-4) provide new 2D GC capabilities

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7890B GC Quality Test

The Agilent 7890B GC undergoes a series of tests to ensure that it's the most reliable GC instrument with the least amount of downtime. GC system failure is not an option. (2:09)

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