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HACCP Verification Audit from Silliker

General Information
Product HACCP Verification Audit
Company Silliker
Assessment Area: HACCP
Audit Guidelines: Conform to recognized industry practices / guidelines
Auditor Certification: ASQ certified

Our audit provides a comprehensive assessment of your HACCP plan and prerequisite programs. Recognized for our HACCP expertise, we’ll assess your plant procedures, evaluate your hazard analysis and CCPs, and validate your plan through record reviews and on site observations. We’ll help you identify potential non-compliances and provide your management team with a proactive framework to incorporate corrective actions.

The Silliker Educational / First-Time Audit is a highly beneficial learning tool for new clients. Designed to pinpoint areas of needed improvement in your company’s HACCP plans, it provides you with invaluable insights to prepare for your first official audit.

Through Silliker-eSTAR, our secure test / auditing results website, our customers can access their confidential auditing data at the plant or on the road. This data management tool allows you retrieve data through a variety of options, compare weeks or months of data from multiple lines, plants or suppliers, resolve critical issues, and make informed business decisions.

Silliker Contact Information


111 E. Wacker Dr, Suite 2300
Chicago, IL 60601


Silliker Web Site

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