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RapidChek® Listeria F.A.S.T.™ from Romer Labs Inc.

General Information
Product RapidChek® Listeria F.A.S.T.™
Company Romer Labs Inc.
Analytes: Detects all six species of Listeria
Media: RapidChek® Listeria F.A.S.T.™ Media System
Matrices: AOAC validated for the use on various environmental samples including stainless steel, plastic, painted concrete and rubber
Time to Results: Results can be obtained in as little as 24 hours and 15 minutes
Kit Size: Kits available for environmental samples (180 or 1,800 test formats)

Features of RapidChek® Listeria F.A.S.T.™

  • True 24-hour Results
  • Superior Accuracy Compared to Other 24-hour and 48-hour Methods
  • Easy-to-Use Detection Technology
  • No Required Instrumentation Costs or Maintenance
  • Unmatched Scalability
  • Robust Validations for Various Environmental Surfaces

The latest development from our experience and expertise is the RapidChek Listeria F.A.S.T. test system.  Fast.  Accurate.  Sensitive.  Technology.

FAST.  The RapidChek Listeria F.A.S.T. test system delivers results in 24 hours.  There is no waiting for a 3.5 hour assay to complete.  Results are achieved within 15 minutes after enrichment.

ACCURATE. The RapidChek method was evaluated for the detection of 50 strains of Listeria and 35 non-Listeria strains.  All 50 i strains were detected by the method (100% sensitivity).  Only one out of the 35 non-Listeria strains tested resulted in a very light line positive result (97% specificity).  When running a side-by-side method comparison against the USDA FSIS 48-hour cultural method, RapidChek demonstrated equivalent performance against the reference method.

SENSITIVE. The RapidChek Listeria F.A.S.T. test system detects all six species of Listeria for a complete solution for environmental monitoring programs.  Missing a single species of Listeria in your environmental monitoring plan is denying yourself the knowledge of potential growth niches and possible contamination areas.

TECHNOLOGY.  Our world-class detection device is based on advanced immunoassay technology that is used in several health-related diagnostics worldwide.  We produce our own antibodies that are exclusive to the RapidChek test systems.  But this is only part of the story; the unique, proprietary media allows for better resuscitation of stressed or injured cells and better selectivity against non-target organisms both leading to overall faster time to results and more accurate results.

Romer Labs Inc. Contact Information

Romer Labs Inc.

Romer Labs U.S.
1301 Stylemaster Drive
Union, MO 63084-1156

(800) 769 1380

Romer Labs Inc. Web Site

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