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Inspection Only from AIB International

General Information
Product Inspection Only
Company AIB International
Assessment Area: GMP
Audit Guidelines: AIB Consolidated Standards for Inspection
Auditor Certification: Best matched to your facility

AIB’s new Inspection Only offering is a detailed, non-scored inspection of your entire food facility, including processing areas, product storage areas, support areas, and exterior grounds. The inspection is based on AIB’s Consolidated Standards for Inspection and includes a streamlined report that outlines top line issues in detail. There is limited or no documentation review.

In alignment with the Global Food Safety Initiative, which aims to reduce duplicative audits, the Inspection Only is a non-redundant product that focuses on inspection and collaboration with clients in identifying and resolving food safety issues.

This inspection is the perfect kick start for facilities that are new to food safety audits and inspections, as well as those in developing markets. It also benefits facilities that are already receiving thorough documentation audits and need a complementary service that will provide a thorough site inspection.

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Click here Click here to read more about this audit on the AIB website.

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