Pathogen - Salmonella

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Salmonella Latex Agglutination Kit
Microbiology International
  • Analytes: S.typhimurium, S.enteritidis, S.virchow, S.newport, S.infantis, S.anatum, and various others belonging to serogroups B, C1, C2, C3, D1 and E1
  • Media: Plates
  • Matrices: Inquire
  • Time to Results: 2 minutes
  • Kit Size: 2.5mls Test latex, 0.5ml Positive control, 5mls Isotonic Saline, disposable reaction cards, disposable mixing sticks
Reveal 2.0 for Salmonella
  • Analytes: Salmonella and Salmonella Enteritidis
  • Media: Strips and broth
  • Matrices: chicken carcass rinse, raw ground turkey, raw ground beef, hot dogs, raw shrimp, ready-to-eat meal products, dry pet food, ice cream, fresh spinach, cantaloupe, peanut butter
  • Time to Results: Within 24 hours
  • Kit Size: 20 tests
RapidChek® SELECT™ Salmonella
Romer Labs Inc.
  • Analytes: Salmonella species
  • Media: RapidChek SELECT Salmonella Media
  • Matrices: AOAC validated on raw ground beef, raw ground chicken, chicken carcass rinses, liquid eggs, peanut butter, RTE meats, and various environmental surfaces. AFNOR validated using a 24 hour protocol for a variety of food, feed and environmental samples. NPIP approved on various NPIP environmental samples.
  • Time to Results: 24 hour result for low burden sample types and 32 hour result for high burden sample types.
  • Kit Size: 100 test food kit, 400 test carcass rinse kit, 400 test environmental kit
RapidChek® SELECT™ Salmonella Enteritidis (SE)
Romer Labs Inc.
  • Analytes: Salmonella group D1 serovars including Salmonella Enteritidis
  • Media: RapidChek SELECT Salmonella Media
  • Matrices: AOAC approved for layer house drag swab samples, pooled egg samples and chicken carcass rinse samples. FDA method equivalency for layer house drag swab samples and pooled egg samples.
  • Time to Results: 40-48 hour results
  • Kit Size: 50 or 250 test kit format

Select up to five products for comparison.

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