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For 30 years, Romer Labs® have proved to be a reliable partner for providing accurate and precise analytical testing services on a global scale.

Global Network: Our laboratories in the USA, Singapore, UK and Austria offer complete analytical service solutions for food allergens to meet the demands for validation and verification of allergen controls. Our UK laboratory has the additional role as the competence centre for allergen method development within Romer Labs®. State-of-the-art equipment enables our highly trained analysts to utilize the latest methods and technologies to perform analyses with the highest level of accuracy, minimal turn-around time and best value.

Range of testing options: Primarily, Romer Labs® is a niche provider of diagnostic kits for food and feed safety, which enables us to discuss a comprehensive range of options for food allergen testing. Invariably a combination of accredited services for allergen validation studies and on-site test kits for on-going verification are needed to address the analytical requirements that underlie allergen controls and industry standards.  The methods used in analysis utilize different approaches and are those that are best suited to the purpose and can be demonstrated to provide reliable results.

Expertise: Meeting the increasing demands of Global Food Safety Initiatives (e.g. BRC Standard issue 6) and other assessment schemes for managing the risk of food allergens is complex and constantly evolving. Customers can utilize our expertise gained over many years through helping others and through active participation in stakeholder groups (e.g. AOAC, CEN, WGPAT) discussing the latest analytical challenges; both activities keep our expertise at the forefront of current best practice.

*US locations utilize LFD and ELISA testing methods while UK locations utilize PCR.

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