Food Allergen Rapid Test Kits (LFDs) from Elution Technologies


For Quick HACCP and QA/QC screening for allergens: These methods were designed for both highly processed foods and native proteins, employing antibodies that can detect partially hydrolyzed proteins which can occur during the food manufacturing process, as well as detecting native proteins which are found in ingredients.

These easy to use methods, require only a single step to prepare your sample (dilution into running buffer). You will often have a result in <5min if the sample is positive (10min for a negative). All are able to detect the specific allergen down to ~2ppm in finished product. All methods can also be applied to swabs for surface testing.

Note: most of the applications and matrices have been pre-validated with these methods but as with all methods regardless of their certification any specific sample matrix should be validated to prove there is no negative interference with the method.

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