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Targeting Biofilms with Cold Plasma: New Approaches to a Persistent Problem

Biofilms represent, at best, a persistent harborage for native microbes and, at worst, a source of ongoing contamination (and recontamination) with human pathogens.

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Consumer Food Trends Create Food Safety Challenges for the Foodservice Industry

Modern food trends create food safety challenges; these, along with changes in consumer food consumption behaviors mandate changes to the food code to protect public health.


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Tackling Food Fraud on a Global Level

Food fraud vulnerabilities can be assessed using a free, industry-led solution to help meet new requirements for food fraud mitigation set out in the Global Food Safety Initiative.

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Risk of Oligodynamic Silver Use in Food Preservation and Processing Operations

Could silver offer an alternative antimicrobial food additive?


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Clean Up That Food! An Update on Sanitizers and Disinfectants - Copy

The responsibility for the regulation of a sanitizer used on a food item is based upon the intended use of the sanitizer and on the status of the food in question.

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Radio-Frequency Heating for Low-Moisture Foods

Low-moisture foods have low water activity, making it harder for microorganisms to utilize water in the food matrix.

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Validation 2.0

Food safety is ensured by developing, implementing, managing and improving processes used to produce safe food.

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The Supply Chain and Food Safety Culture: Distribution

Industry leaders confirm the importance of food safety culture at the point of food distribution.

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Listeriosis: A Grim Reality for the Food Industry

This hardy pathogen demands extra vigilance, particularly from meat and ready-to-eat processors.

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Using Biopreservation to Meet Natural Additive Needs

Can biopreservatives answer the call for “clean” labels?

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Neogen Expands Food Safety Genomic Testing

Neogen Corporation has announced the availability of next-generation sequencing services for the food industry, which will enable food companies to accurately identify all bacteria in a sample in a single genomic test.


Randox Food Diagnostics Earns AOAC Certification for Antimicrobial Array I Ultra Kit

This month, Randox Food Diagnostics announced that the AOAC Research Institute granted AOAC Performance Tested certification to Randox’s Antimicrobial Array I Ultra Kit (License Number 051705).


Mérieux NutriSciences Acquires India’s Bangalore Testing Laboratories

In early June, Mérieux NutriSciences announced the full acquisition of Bangalore Testing Laboratories Pvt Ltd., an independent testing laboratory located in Bangalore, Southern India.


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