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BRITE BELT™ conveyor cleaning and conditioning system is designed to clean, condition, and sanitize belt surfaces saving you time and money. The BRITE BELT™ system reduces risk exposure to chemicals while improving swab test results. The unique design allows for easy lifting, filling, and draining. The BRITE BELT™ scrubber units come in a variety of sizes and can be staged sided by side to meet the needs of any width of conveyor belt. For over two decades industries around the world have used the BRITE BELT™ system for many applications and phases of production.

The BRITE BELT™ system is simple to use. Attach the scrub pad to the bottom, fill the scrubbing container with the appropriate cleaning or sanitizing solution, bungee the scrubber unit to the conveyor frame or fasten so that the scrubber unit remains stationary, turn on the conveyor, then finish your other sanitation cleaning duties. The scrubber unit will dispense cleaning solution continuously while the scrub pad mechanically cleans the belt. After satisfactory amount of time or revolutions, turn off the conveyor and move to another conveyor. The Brite Belt Scrub Pad should be replaced or sanitized after each use.

Each Brite Belt Scrubber unit comes equipped with one Brite Belt Scrub Pad and one bungee with stainless steal hooks for attaching the unit to the conveyor frame. Replacement scrub pads are sold in cases of 100 and may be cut to custom sizes for use on staged units.

Available Models:

  • S600 – 24" Long x 6" Wide x 3.5" Deep
  • S800 - 24" Long x 8" Wide x 3.5" Deep
  • S1200 - 24" Long x 12" Wide x 3.5" Deep
  • S1600 - 24" Long x 16" Wide x 3.5" Deep
  • S1600T - 24" Long x 16" Wide x 6" Deep

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Brite Belt S1600 Scrubber

The Brite Belt cleaning and sanitizing system is the simple, effective way to maintain exceptional quality assurance. The Brite Belt scrubber tank is filled with the proper cleaning or sanitizing solution. The solution then flows on to the Brite Belt scrub pad. With the tank secured to the belt frame and the the belt in motion, the Brite Belt system provides both chemical and mechanical cleaning action that reduces man hours and exposure to chemical agents. (1:12)

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