The BirdBuffer® line of products controls all flying birds in open spaces by dispersing a safe, invisible vapor from a tested, proven, and approved bird repellent, Rejex-it® Fog Force which contains the active ingredient methyl anthranilate (MA). MA is a concentrated grape juice extract and flavoring used in many food products, including bubble gum, and is US FDA approved (United States Food and Drug Administration) for many uses, including bird control.

The BirdBuffer® is operated by an electrically controlled air compressor/blower motor with an automated timer set to vaporize the fluid keeping fresh vapor air-borne. The BirdBuffer® is placed where birds are actively flying (on a roof as shown above or hung as shown below) and timed to keep the vapor in the area as long as possible. As you can see in this diagram, it is focused to where the birds are flying and most active. Releasing the vapor particles at 60 mph, the BirdBuffer® is able to effectively spread the invisible vapor over large areas even with very small amounts of fluid.

The tiny particles of vapor (less than 10 microns) penetrates the mucus membrane of the birds’ airways most effectively when they’re flying. This vapor penetration causes a safe yet irritating response in the birds’ trigeminal nerves, which acts as a natural eco-friendly repellent, causing the birds to fly away and relocate. When the birds try to return they repeatedly breathe the irritant and then repeatedly fly away. Birds soon remember there’s an irritant in the area and then stay away. This is a key element to keeping them away from large areas and makes it possible to have better pigeon and bird control than other forms and methods.

If you are in a closed environment with employees or public and the vapor becomes too strong, it is easy to turn down the volume. The vapor released has a sweet grape-scented fragrance that is pleasant for people, but causes the birds to just go away. A light vapor or scent is all that is necessary for good bird control.  Many customers have reported that they like the sweet grape-scented aroma. We have even been requested to turn up the output so they can continue to smell it even when the birds have left. It’s just that pleasant!

No spray, residue or thick fog is emitted with the clean, invisible output of a BirdBuffer® product. It is self contained, easy to maintain, and stays warm in winter months for colder days. Overfilling is a thing of the past. The latest model is easier to fill, lockable for security, and has a built-in water tight cover.

BirdBuffer offers 5 products, the Q3, Q2, TD (Tweeter Defeater), TF (Thermal Fogger), and the Super BirdBuffer.  Please request information to find the product that best suits your needs.

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