Jeticleaner Professional from Jeti Environmental Products


The Jeticleaner Professional cleans shoe soles with opposite rotating brushes just above the surface of the platform ensuring a completely sanitized shoe sole.  This design ensures that the sanitizing process is both comfortable and safe to use and operate.

The system works very easily and very safely. Once a user steps on the platform from either side, a movement detector starts the brushes and sprays the sanitizer simultaneously. The Jeticleaner uses either sanitizer or alcohol liquid making maintenance very simple. Once the spraying system has dispensed the determined liquid quantity and sole surface has been thoroughly cleaned, the brushes continue to run at an adjustable time to clean themselves, lowering maintenance needs and increasing productivity.

Setup is very easy as well: Simply fill the tank with sanitizer/liquid and install the detector and you are ready to go!

The system can be installed on wheels with stop-top system to move the machine easy where it is needed and is adaptable to entrance lock systems.

Jeti GmBH is an industry leading contamination prevention provider located in Oberwesel, Germany

Jeti Environmental Products Contact Information

Jeti Environmental Products

Koblenzer Str. 89
Oberwesel, Rheinland Pfalz 55430
+49 6744 949 80 25

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