Model 3001 Single-Use CIP System from Ecolab


The Ecolab Model 3001 CIP units skid mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired and ready for owners hook-up of steam, water, air, electricity and piping.


  • Compact
  • Product Quality
  • Program Flexibility
  • Personnel Safety
  • Cost Efficient
  • Chemical Control

Standard Features

  • ISO 9002 Manufacturing
  • Meets 3-A Std. #605-04
  • Fristam Supply Pump
  • Waukesha Valves
  • Enerquip SS U-Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Foxboro Conductivity Transmitter
  • Foxboro Pressure Transmitter
  • Manifold Recirculation Valve
  • 3-Level Probes
  • 3-Point Chemical Injection
  • Sample Valve
  • ASCO Utility Valves
  • Supply Line Strainer
  • Supply Line Check Valve
  • Return Check Probe
  • Schedule 10, 304 SS Frame
  • 60 Gallon,12,Gauge,Water,Tank
  • Foxboro Flow Meter


The 3001 CIP System is specified for dairy plants where quality is of primary importance or soil residue is high and program flexibility is required for multiple cleaning applications.

This system provides for closed loop recirculation or resolve difficult hydraulic applications.

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370 N. Wabasha Street
St. Paul , MN 55102

(651) 293-4126

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