PA 800 plus Analysis System from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences


Automated, Quantitative Analysis of Charged or Polar Molecules

The PA 800 plus Analysis System provides a comprehensive, automated, and quantitative solution for the characterization and analysis of proteins. Innovative system design ensures dependable operation and durability. The PA 800 plus application menu includes SDS-gel molecular weight analysis, charge heterogeneity analysis utilizing advanced capillary isoelectric focusing technology, and carbohydrate profiling for the assessment of glycoprotein microheterogeneity. Modular design provides for the simple interchange of detectors.

Automated applications provide reproducible and quantitative results:

  • Fast, easy anion, cation, and organic acid analysis
  • Carbohydrate profiling (monosaccharide and oligosaccharide) separation and quantification
  • High resolution SDS-gel separation for protein purity determination
  • Advanced capillary Isoelectric Focusing (cIEF) for charge heterogeneity analysis of protein isoforms

Simplified operations and a robust platform enhance operational efficiency:

  • Specialized software quickly guides routine users from set-up through results
  • Innovations in system design ensure dependable operation and durability, with minimal maintenance
  • Modular UV, photodiode array and laser-induced fluorescence detectors can be easily interchanged
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