HPLC Carbohydrate and Organic Analysis Columns from Benson Polymeric, Inc.


High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) polymeric based columns for the analysis of carbohydrates, organic acids, sugar alcohols, alcohols, fermentation by-products, sweeteners and other small molecules found in a wide variety of food products.

Polymeric columns are chemically resistant and offer long lifetimes and consistent results. Specifically designed for the food industry, our polymeric columns require only simple aqueous based mobile phases, either water or dilute acid eluents for the separation of many types of compounds commonly analyzed in the food industry. No types of solvents or gradients are needed.

The simple mobile phase system allows for the use of universal detectors, commonly Uv or refractive index detectors. Separations are typically enhanced with the use of elevated temperatures, usually in the 35C to 90C range. Customized and scale-up columns and polymer are available for your process needs.

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