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TempGenius™ is the simplest and most affordable commercial monitoring system — with automatic tracking and logging of temperature, humidity and more — providing real time, cost-saving results.

TempGenius™ takes readings in real time, fills out the required log forms, and provides alerting, 24 hours a day, whenever critical control points are out of preset ranges.

TempGenius™ reduces costs associated with maintaining compliance while eliminating errors, reducing product loss, leveraging existing infrastructure, preserving quality and improving energy efficiency.

TempGenius™ monitors temperature, humidity, power, pressure, leaks and floods, proximity, vibration, doors and more and is used in hospitals, restaurants, food processing, dairies, convenience stores, groceries and supermarkets, crime labs, pharmacies, museums, warehouses and other temperature and humidity critical environments.

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Compliance Control Inc.

1595 Cabin Branch Drive
Landover, MD 20785


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