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Safefood 360 is the food safety software solution you have been waiting for. Over the last 20 years food businesses have come under significant pressure to implement, maintain and adapt to continuously changing legal and commercial compliance requirements. Time, resources and knowledge are required to maintain this compliance in the form of a food safety management system. This is where Safefood 360 breaks new ground. Like your current paper based system, it covers all the requirements of food safety management but helps you get the job done smarter, better, faster. Please take a little time to review our features and see how Safefood 360 will change how you manage food safety forever.


Safefood 360’s HACCP module is a robust HACCP planning tool that allows you to quickly develop plans that meet the specific requirements of SQF, BRC, IFS, GAP, FSSC 22000 and other international food standards and regulations. The solution is fully integrated with the rest of your food safety management system including a rich hazard database which ensures specific hazard identification and risk assessment.

All CODEX principles and steps are built into the powerful and seamless workflow making it easy to draft, review, approve and revise you HACCP plans. The module has been developed by experienced food safety specialists with significant GFSI experience. This means you get the benefit of world class HACCP plans without the costly specialist bill. Just work the module to be assured that you are meeting customer requirements and legal compliance.


The Management Centre contains all the management control requirements for food safety. Each module allows the food safety team record events such as customer complaints, internal audits, non-conformances, corrective action and product recalls. Schedules can be established to ensure key processes like management reviews are always conducted. We have designed each management workflow to meet the requirements of international food safety standards giving you instant compliance and re-assurance.

PRP Control

Pre-requisite Programs are the foundation of your food safety system. They are essential for controlling general hazards in your operations and are usually specific to local needs. Our PRP centre has been developed from the ground up based on a detailed analysis of all the major global standards. These fully compliant modules are flexible enough to account for large and small plant programs. It takes just minutes to set up your programs and start recording. The actions feature will tell you when the next program is due and automatically create your record. In the background the dedicated module report system will compile your data for one-click reporting when you need it.

Document Control

Fully integrated into your Safefood 360 system is a powerful and easy to use document control centre. It allows you to upload all your documents including procedures, specifications, reports and external documents. Once uploaded you are in control. Issue, review, revision and approval are managed and tracked automatically. Procedures, SOP’s, specification and MSDS can then be attached to any program, plan, record or workflow ensuring they are available when needed without the need to maintain numerous paper manuals.


The Utilities centre allows you to set up and manage all the key inputs of your food safety management system including employees, suppliers, customers, materials, equipment and categories. As new employees or suppliers are added they can be risk assessed to meet compliance needs. This utility data drives the entire application in terms of consistency and robust reporting.

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