PRIMS - Production Recipe Ingredient Management Software from Focus Works Inc.


PRIMS is recipe software for PLC-controlled ingredient batching systems. It allows the user to create formulations and production schedules for the mixers and send them to the ingredient system PLCs. The batching is automated; scaling deviations and ingredient usages are recorded.

Uncontrolled manual production processes waste ingredients and production time, and are a major barrier to compliance with Title III of the Bioterrorism Act, HACCP and SQF. PRIMS eliminates the problems associated with operator error in the batching process.

Management Control

This System is user-friendly, requiring little or no experience to operate. This flexible technology gives management far more control over manual operations. Controlling all manual ingredient additions and operator instructions, and creating a computerized record of each step in the mixing process, PRIMS provides management with the tools to pinpoint any inconsistencies within a batch. PRIMS generates reports for Ingredients, Formulas, Production, Scaling, Ingredient Usage, and Lot Numbers. Managers can import used inventory and finished production data into the company’s accounting software for accurate inventory control.

Preventing Recalls

The FDA’s Recall Index Report for the second quarter of 2011 stated that undeclared allergens or other allergen concerns were the primary cause of recalls, accounting for more than 45% of food recalls initiated, a 25% increase over the first quarter. How did the allergens get into those products? Mostly due to operator error.

One large snack producer experienced several very large recalls due to operator errors. Two resulted from an operator bringing the wrong ingredient to the processing line, and one was caused by an operator using the wrong packaging material. In all of these cases the product was absolutely fine to eat, but the producer had to recall and dispose of the product because it was no longer packaged in the correct box. The cost to the producer was millions of dollars in lost revenue and raw material waste.

PRIMS would have prevented these recalls by preventing the operator from using the wrong ingredients and/or packaging. How much worse would the situation have been if one of the wrong ingredients added by the operator was an allergen?

PRIMS verifies each and every step in your production process and forces compliance with your recipes. The PRIMS system is your most cost-effective solution to achieving consistent batch quality and preventing product recalls caused by operator errors.

Return On Investment

With the PRIMS System from Focus Works, your plant will avoid costly production errors and begin seeing a Return-On-Investment in 3 to 6 months.

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