SQF-Sentinel from Focus Works Inc.


SQF-Sentinel gives Food & Baking Manufacturing Plants a single, unified data collection solution for SQF and BRC Food Safety Compliance. It provides a centralized database for all of your food safety data.

Because SQF-Sentinel collects data from standard measurement and interface devices, you avoid the cost of specialized or custom equipment and programming.  The database is populated with data collected from the plant floor using a wide variety of devices. Among the devices that can easily be connected to SQF-Sentinel are:

  • Personal computers on the plant floor
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) that might be controlling plant floor equipment, such as proofers or freezers
  • Stand-alone sensors that are recording plant floor data points, such as temperature or humidity
  • Wireless hand-held devices that might be used by employees to record the results of manual inspections
  • Plant-floor equipment (through a direct connection), such as metal detectors and check weighers

SQF-Sentinel combines wizard-based setup tools to provide a configuration environment that is both easy to use and capable of meeting the most demanding data collection requirements. Critical Control Point data-entry screens are built using fill-in tables and drop-down menus. You can select from a variety of pre-configured templates or create complete Control Point data-entry screens from scratch.

SQF-Sentinel allows data trending and analysis in preparation for food safety certification and periodic food safety audits.

SQF-Sentinel allows you to setup and complete an audit in minutes.


Customizable Dash Boards; for each user; Setup Wizards for creating Control Points, Devices and Forms. Tasks for QC, Receiving, Production, Maintenance, Sanitation, Calibrations, Verifications, Sample Tests, Corrective Actions, HACCP Planning, etc. SQF Documents for Customer Complains, Customer and Vendor Survey & Performance, Employee Training & Review, Utility Management, Microbiological Control, Non-conformance, Internal and Certified Auditing, SOP, SSOP and more. Reports for Data, Deviations, Alerts, Employee Activity, Auditor’s Report, Control Points Equipment List and more. Messaging and Alarming functions which are user programmable. Apps for Intermec, Motorola and Tablet PC devices.

Currently Serving US and Canada only

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