HACCP Verification Audit from Merieux NutriSciences


Under federal guidelines, many food companies are required to periodically verify the effectiveness of their HACCP plans. The failure to do so can result in serious repercussions.

Through on-site observations and document reviews, our ASQ Certified HACCP Auditors can help you verify if your plans are operating the way they should.  

From plant visits to record reviews, we employ a host of applicable tools to provide you with detailed, user-friendly reports. Our comprehensive audit report identifies potential non-compliances with your plan and provides your HACCP management team with a proactive framework to incorporate corrective actions.

Preparation Counts
Our Educational / First-Time Audit is a highly beneficial learning tool for new clients. Designed to pinpoint areas of needed improvement in your company's HACCP plans, this highly beneficial tool provides you with invaluable insights to prepare for your first official audit.

Real-Time Information – 24 / 7 / 365 Access

Silliker-eSTAR can change the speed and the way your company uses test information with customers, suppliers, and employees. You can retrieve data through a variety of options and compare weeks or months of data from multiple lines, plants, or suppliers to improve product quality and your bottom line.

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