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Alchemy’s unique solution is designed exclusively for the food chain’s hourly workforce and focuses on driving operational excellence. Choose from numerous multilingual, interactive courses or author your own courses to meet your specific program needs. All content can be delivered to groups or individuals, and is ideal for periods of downtime such as equipment maintenance or line changes.

Our Food Safety library covers a number of critical areas, including the following HACCP courses:

  • Overview of HACCP – This course identifies examples of food safety hazards, and explains how hazards can be controlled through the monitoring of critical control points. It also gives examples of how an individual can personally support a HACCP plan.
  • Overview of HACCP for Supervisors – This course identifies examples of food safety hazards, and talks about the types of programs that must be in place to support a HACCP plan. It also describes five preliminary tasks hat must be completed before a plan is created, and explains the function of the seven principles of HACCP.

In addition, you’ll be able to provide automatic and defensible documentation of the results, saving your staff valuable admin time and keeping your plant audit-ready. Furthermore, our new mobile application provides you with a convenient tool for verifying that employees are applying what they have learned to their day-to-day job duties. 

About Alchemy
Alchemy is the global leader of innovative solutions that help food companies engage with their workforces to drive safety and productivity.  Over two million food workers at 10,000 locations use Alchemy’s tailored training, coaching, and communications programs to reduce workplace injuries, safeguard food, and increase yield. From farm to fork, Alchemy works with food growers, manufacturers, processors, packagers, distributors and retailers of all sizes to build a culture of operational excellence.


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