Pathatrix® Auto System from Life Technologies


The Pathatrix® Auto System is the ultimate method for the rapid detection of a range of pathogens from a wide range of complex sample matrices. Using paramagnetic particles that are either antibody coated or positively charged, the Pathatrix® system selectively binds and concentrates target organisms from many complex matrices found in food, environmental, and biothreat samples. Because the Pathatrix® Auto System and its companion kits concentrate and isolate specific bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7 and Listeria from sample volumes of up to 50 ml, they support cost-saving pooling protocols, facilitate shorter sample enrichment times to reduce overall time to results, and remove PCR inhibitors that can lead to indeterminate results.

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Food Pathogen Detection Simplified - Pathatrix® Auto System

Pathatrix® Auto System delivers faster time-to-results, fewer false positives & reduces food pathogen detection costs. (7:15)

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