RapidChek® Listeria NextDay™ from Romer Labs Inc.


RapidChek® Listeria NextDay™ is a highly accurate, true 24-hour test for processors looking to detect Listeria species in environmental samples within a shortened amount of time. RapidChek Listeria NextDay™ allows processors to move from the costly “test-and-hold” to “test-and-sold” by reducing time-to-result while still maintaining high accuracy. RapidChek® Listeria NextDay™ is now also AOAC-certified for the detection of Listeria in food matrices with a 27-48-hr enrichment.

The RapidChek Listeria NextDay™ system was validated for the detection of 50 strains of Listeria and 35 non-Listeria strains. All 50 Listeria strains were detected be the method (100% sensitivity). None of the 35 non-Listeria strains tested were detected (100% specificity). When running a side-by-side method comparison with environmental and ready-to-eat food samples against the USDA-FSIS's 48-hour cultural method, RapidChek Listeria NextDay™ demonstrated equivalent performance against the reference method.

The RapidChek Listeria NextDay™ test system detects all species of Listeria for a complete solution for environmental monitoring. Missing a single species of Listeria in your environmental monitoring program is denying you important information about potential growth niches and possible contamination areas.

Features of RapidChek Listeria NextDay™

  • Rapid Results in 24-hr (environmental) to 27-hr (food)
  • True 24-hr Results
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Easy-to-use Detection Technology
  • No Instrumentation Costs on Maintenance
  • Unmatched Scalability
  • Robust Validations for Various Environmental Surfaces and Food Matrices

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