Singlepath® Listeria Lateral Flow Test from MilliporeSigma


EMD Millipore’s Singlepath® Lateral Flow Tests are immunoassays for detecting pathogens with the ultimate convenience. Covering the major pathogens, the tests act as mini-laboratories in the “pregnancy test” format and always include a built-in control reaction. Another major advantage is that they deliver definite results as little as 20 minutes after sample enrichment.

EMD Millipore Singlepath® Lateral Flow Tests offer all the benefits of traditional testing methods with the addition of simplicity, speed, reliability and convenience. Use in combination with our granulated culture media to ensure optimal test performance. These immunoassays have been especially designed for low throughput labs and are particularly cost efficient, since they require neither additional instruments, nor special training.

Tests are available for: Bacillus cereus, Campylobacter, EHEC – Verotoxins, Legionella/Legionella pneumophila, Listeria monocytogenes & Listeria Genus as well as Salmonella.

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