Systec MediaPrep 30 from Microbiology International


MediaPrep from small to large scale operations:   Seven models are available from 10 to 120 liters. MediaPrep is capable of sterilizing and cooling media in less than 90 minutes.  

MediaPrep is microprocessor controlled, and the sterilization cycle is fully programmable by the user. User defined parameters include sterilization temperature, time and pouring temperature.

A PT100 probe directly measures temperature of media throughout cycle. Detailed batch information (time / temperature / pressure) is available directly from the optional ticket printer or via connection to external PC using ADS software. The MediaPrep system will automatically fill with the correct amount of distilled water (for steam generation) prior to start of each cycle.

The stirrer at the bottom of the removable media vessel mixes continuously throughout the sterilization cycle ensuring homogenous media. Rapid cooling is achieved via a sterile water dispensing ring that cools the media vessel after sterilization.

Thermo labile components may be added after sterilization by utilizing the addition port. Media can be dispensed utilizing one of Microbiology International’s peristaltic pumps or plate pourers. For high volume dispensing the MediaPrep can be pressurized and connected to the HFD dispenser allowing flow rates of 100 ml / second.

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