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Microbac Laboratories, Inc. is a diversified commercial testing laboratory group with 24 locations within our nationwide network. Microbac has operated full-service food testing laboratories for over 30 years. This experience enables Microbac to handle all the food chemistry testing needs of its customers and offer time and money-saving counsel on testing programs. Microbac provides an unequalled level of customer care expressed through analytical and consultative services. Throughout the network, Microbac's analytical chemistry offerings include full nutritional label analysis, sugar profile analysis, fatty acid profiles, amino acid profiles, pesticide residues, vitamin and mineral analysis, and detection of food allergens. Microbac's food and water microbiology offerings include pathogen detection, shelf life studies, microbial challenge studies, contamination and source identification through PCR analysis. GMO testing and food plant GMP audits are also available.

Nutritional Labeling Services
Microbac provides technical expertise and knowledge to assure your food product receives proper nutritional labeling according to the strict requirements of the United States FDA.

NLEA Mandatory Package 
Microbac tests the actual food product according to AOAC-approved analytical chemistry methods. A properly formatted Nutrition Facts Panel is created from laboratory analysis, which is used to develop a camera-ready copy.

Database Analysis
Microbac reviews food product formulations and food ingredient statements and inputs them into a modified computer database to generate a camera ready, FDA-approved Nutrition Facts Panel.

Microbac provides consulting services for FDA regulations for the labeling of food, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements.

Import and Export Relations
Each country has unique requirements to meet for legal marketing of food products. Microbac will assist you in identifying and meeting those food safety and food testing requirements.

Other specialized services include:
Trans-Fat testing
Food Allergens

Microbac’s goal is to meet or exceed your expectations. To accomplish this, we have in place at each of our Divisions, a management system that addresses everything from documented operating procedures, to analyst training, sample handling and analysis, along with necessary support activities such as purchasing, equipment calibration and instrument maintenance.  These management systems conform to either ISO/IEC 17025, TNI (The NELAC Institute) standards or comply with various state certification or program requirements.

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