Biomist SS20 Power Sanitizing System from Biomist, Inc.


Learn how other food processors are sanitizing without rinsing, wiping or water.

Biomist takes the anti-microbial power of concentrated alcohol and atomizes it into a non-flammable, penetrating mist that reaches into small cracks and crevices to kill pathogens where they hide. Simply point, spray and walk away!

Tackle pre-op and in-shift sanitizing jobs with ease, Biomist is non-corrosive and safe for food contact surfaces. Difficult areas and non-washable machinery such as packaging equipment, electrical panels, and refrigeration coils can be sanitized in seconds.

Biomist is quickly becoming the method of choice among industry professionals. Request a quote today!

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Biomist SS20 Power Sanitizing System

Use Biomist as an intervention technique for RTE areas and pre-operational/in-shift sanitizing of processing and packaging equipment. (5:44)

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Biomist, Inc.

573 North Wolf Road
Wheeling, IL 60090

(847) 850-5530

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