VIDAS Salmonella UP Phage from bioMerieux, Inc.


VIDAS UP Salmonella is an automated qualitative test for the detection of Salmonella in food, feed and environmental samples.

VIDAS UP Salmonella is a new generation of assay based on the latest technology available for pathogen screening: Phage recombinant protein.

This amazing technology is only available on bioMérieux evolutive platforms for food borne pathogen screening: VIDAS and mini VIDAS

Phage: specific and sensitive by nature
Phage recombinant protein derived from specific bacteriophage tail fibers shows unrivalled performance in term of specificity and sensitivity.

Phage is short for bacteriophage which, comes from bacteria and the greek “phagein,” to eat. A phage is a virus that only infects bacteria.

Phage has a large part called the head where the genetic material is stored. They have protein tail consisting of fibers resembling legs, which they use to attach themselves to their specific bacterial host.

The first and extremely important step in the phage replication cycle is the specific recognition and binding of these phage tail fiber proteins to the host bacteria.

Only after successful binding, the phage can insert its genetic material into the bacteria. Production of phage particles can begin and the assembly of these particles create new entities which finally kill their host.

Because this is crucial to assure their survival, bacteriophage have co-evolved with their host bacteria and have developed highly efficient host recognizing mechanisms.

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