RapidChek® SELECT™ Salmonella from Romer Labs Inc.


The RapidChek SELECT Salmonella test system was developed to ensure highly accurate results in both low burden samples and samples that contain high levels of background microflora. 

The SELECT system employs a patented phage technology developed to deliver exceptional specificity and sensitivity while assuring the lowest total cost-in-use and fast time-to-result. The RapidChek SELECT system is the first and only rapid pathogen detection system to utilize phage as a selective agent during enrichment. 

The phage attack and reduce concentrations of non-target bacteria providing an optimal environment for Salmonella to grow. This technology will essentially reduce the presence of cross reactive and competitive bacteria, especially important when testing higher burden samples. 

The SELECT technology coupled with innovative immuno-strips deliver a highly sensitive and specific Salmonella testing solution for food processors testing foods from ready-to-eat foods, to raw meats, environmental and also NPIP samples.

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