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The Atlas® System is a fully automated molecular pathogen detection system. By combining simple, Enrich-Transfer-Automate upstream sample processing with powerful target capture and amplification technology on a robust, automated platform, the Atlas System offers the next generation in food pathogen testing.

Roka currently offers AOAC certified assays for Listeria and Salmonella, providing reliable and accurate results. Highly, efficient sample throughput  capacity of over 300 samples in 8 hr period. Roka’s rapid, highly accurate molecular assays can help companies safeguard your brand.

With true walk-away processing, the Atlas System provides your lab the traceability, scalability, and flexibility you’ve been waiting for.

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Click here to learn more about how the Atlas System can improve your efficiency.

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Roka Bioscience Atlas System

The Atlas System is a fully automated molecular instrument that enhances the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of food safety testing through detection of molecular pathogens, including Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli, and other organisms commonly implicated in food contamination episodes. The system is easy to use and incorporates many innovative features that minimize the complexity of testing processes. Make sure your testing platform is working for you. (6:40)

Overcoming the challenges of pathogen testing in "difficult" foods

Dr. Chanelle Adams recently presented on difficult food matrices and their impact on food operations at the Western NY Food Industry Expo in Rochester, NY on March 24th. The session reviewed the unique needs of difficult food types, which may require labs to perform specialized sample processing leading to longer turnaround time or added cost to the client. In the worst case, challenging matrices may lead to inaccurate results, which could have far reaching impacts on food manufacturers. (37:48)

Roka Bioscience Why is RNA Better

While more dated molecular tests require DNA as a target—with only a single copy per cell— Roka technology utilizes the more plentiful RNA. (1:19)

White Paper
Using Quality Tools and Metrics for Comparison of Error Potential in Pathogen Testing Methods

Companies in the food industry have made significant strides in increasing the quality and safety of the food supply. The Food Safety Magazine, April/May 2012 issue notes that quality is defined differently within the food industry based on the customer.  Whatever the definition used, the business of quality in the food industry must be proactive.  With this in mind, the article goes on to review two programs and tools used to address quality and manage risk.  These are the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program and the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) ...


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Effectively Improve Your Listeria Environmental Control Program Today
On Demond

Join us for an exciting webinar on Wednesday Oct 28th that will discuss some very important topics. With a renewed focus on Listeria environmental control in response to recent recalls, FSMA, and higher expectations in food safety, there have been many webinars discussing regulations, control programs,” Seek and Destroy” approaches, but few on the practical tools and technology available to you today that can yield an immediate improvement in your control program.

What you will learn

  • Keys to Effective Sampling of an Environmental Surface
  • Con ...


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