Hunter® Real-Time Accelerated PCR System from InstantLabs


At InstantLabs we developed the fully-integrated Hunter Accelerated-PCR® system with you in mind. With the Hunter you have the power of real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) technology in your hands. Simply, affordably and reliably.

Tests that detect the presence or absence of dangerous foodborne pathogens are a must, yet too much valuable time is wasted by waiting, either for cultures to grow or for shipping and verification by an external lab. We’re changing that.

The integrated Hunter Accelerated-PCR system enables rapid, accurate pathogen testing at your location. Automated analysis using InstantLabs’ chemistry-ready multiple assay cartridges (MACs) reduces sample and reagent requirements. Plus, optional networking and optional wireless capabilities are built in for your convenience.

Get started today with the easy-to-operate Hunter system. Experience the speed and independence of point-of-need pathogen testing with InstantLabs’ new Hunter Accelerated-PCR instrument and food safety tests kits.

Putting time on your side wherever you are.

Not only is the Hunter Accelerated-PCR system portable and dependable, so is our team. We have established distribution partners worldwide, and a full-replacement service policy that won’t leave you waiting for repairs if needed.

Rapid and powerful pathogen detection, at your fingertips.

It’s the Right Time.

Test it out for yourself. Just click the "Request a Quote" button to arrange for a demonstration or trial.

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