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Sample6 has developed the world’s first enrichment-free pathogen diagnostic system. TheBioillumination Platform™, developed by Professor Tim Lu (MIT) and Dr. Michael Koeris, utilizes synthetic biology to target bioparticles and “light up” specific unwanted bacteria. Through this technology, we are able to detect a single cell in just a few hours.

Sample6 DETECT is a portfolio of revolutionary diagnostics for bacteria in food industry environments. Instead of waiting days for results, users can now detect pathogens in hours.

Sample DETECT features:

  • In-shift results
  • Enrichment-free
  • Safe and easy use on-site by your current staff
  • Only minutes of hands-on time per test

The system’s speed and ease-of-use allows for more frequent testing, ensuring the production of safe, high quality food. Sample6 DETECT and Sample6 CONTROL allow companies of all sizes to be pro-active about food safety and to demonstrate to their customers an uncompromising dedication to quality and safety.

Enrichment Free
We know how hard you work to keep your plant and your product safe. We are proud to offer the first test that supports your efforts by avoiding enrichment. We are able to safely and quickly amplify a single cell using our Bioilluminiation Platform.

Sample6 DETECT/L has been designed for use in plant. By using standard materials and processes in combination with the Sample6 Solution, we have created a listeria diagnostic that fits easily into your workflow, your team and your space at the plant.

Everything from the initial sample to the final determination can be completed with just a few minutes of hands on time within a single shift. You can rest easier at night knowing that your team has actionable results from today's testing to hand over to sanitation each night.

Sample6 DETECT/L is our proprietary Listeria assay. The easy-to-use test can be read in a single shift and requires no enrichment. Sample6 DETECT/L is the only AOAC certified in-shift enrichment free Listeria diagnostic.

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Sample6 is proud to present John Butts, Vice President of Research at Land O' Frost and renowned expert in Listeria prevention. John's techniques and expertise have been leveraged across the food industry. John will share his methodology about the use of indicator sites to predict potential environmental pathogen issues before they reach a contact surface or product. Please join us for an insightful discussion.


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