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Iron Apple is the leader in trucking food safety - it is our business. Our Trucking Food Safety Program is the simple solution for food safety compliance for all types of trucking companies, shippers and brokers who transport food in the US, into the U.S. and inter provincially in Canada.

New regulations in effect in 2016 require much more stringent controls and processes by food carriers and place responsibility on shippers and brokers to ensure these processes are in place. Failure to comply could lead to hefty fines, jail time, shipping and trucking contracts cancelled, loss of business and/or revenue.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy Food Safety Procedure Documentation - templates, forms and guidelines simplify documentation of standard operating processes required by shippers and regulation such as temperature control; segregation, isolation and packaging; protection against contamination and cross contact; cleaning and sanitation and more
  • Electronic Records Meet Shipper, Regulation Needs - on line, writable forms for easy tracking, monitoring and quick access for shippers, regulators and auditors
  • Food Safety Training - staff training on trucking food safety processes and regulations and electronic training records complies with regulations
  • Only Available Certified Trucking Food Safety Preventive Controls Plan - extra assurance for shippers and brokers requiring HACCP or Preventive Controls Plan
  • Covers Trucking And Warehousing - options to meet regulatory requirements for warehousing as well as trucking
  • Third Party Certification - option for annual compliance audit by SAI Global with certificate of assurance for shippers and brokers and truck decals
  • USA and Canadian compliance - Meets U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act, Sanitary Transportation of Food, HACCP, Preventive Controls, and Canadian food transport regulations
  • Remote Access is Quick and Easy- Internet based for 24/7 access to procedures, forms, records from anywhere with Wi-Fi access
  • Automatic Change Log - Tracks what, when, who revised documents (legal requirement).
  • Task Scheduling - Scheduling up to a year in advance, supervisor alerts if tasks are not completed.
  • Regulations On Line - Regulations are built in, easily accessible (legal requirement).
  • Regulations Kept Current - Automatic uploading of changes to Regulations without user input.
  • Remote Document And Records Access by Auditors And Regulators - Reduces audit time and disruption.
  • Easy Accommodation of Employee Changes - Easy substitution of duties due to employee turn-over or absenteeism. Allows for immediate changes to job assignments, duties and required follow
  • Tracks Corrective Actions and Verification activities ?- Mandatory under many certification schemes.
  • Flexible Format - Works with all record keeping formats: MS Office, Corel, PDF, Lotus…Bilingual English/French available. Can use company templates.


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IronApple Trucking Food Safety Program Demo Walkthrough

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) worked closely with Iron Apple International (formerly Kasar International), a food safety compliance company, for three years to develop a Trucking Food Safety Program to simplify compliance with these new Canadian and United States Food Safety regulations. These regulations are under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA). In the US, the rules that will directly impact carriers is the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food (STHAF) or the Sanitary Transport Rule (STF). We have the solution that meets each of the key requirements. (4:30)

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