UV-1800 from Shimadzu


At 1 nm, Shimadzu’s UV-1800 spectrophotometer easily satisfies pharmacopoeia requirements, as well as the demands of university laboratories, government agencies, and the food industry. And with USB memory, validation functions, and easy maintenance, Shimadzu’s UV-1800 makes your analysis easier and improves your productivity.

  • Reduced stray light (less than 0.02% NaI @ 220 nm) for wider dynamic range (-4 to 4A)
  • Reduced noise level (within 0.00005 Abs RMS value @ 700 nm) for ultimate sensitivity
  • Enhanced validation, maintenance, and security functions
  • Smallest footprint in its class

Powerful, flexible, and easy to use, UV Probe software, provided as standard, takes spectroscopy to the next level. UV Probe’s standard data acquisition modes, vast data processing capabilities, and robust report generator provide the ultimate tool for your UV-Vis applications.

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