SensorX System – Poultry from Marel Food Systems

  • Uses advanced X-ray technology for best results
  • Provides a safer, more valuable product
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Offers better data, fewer bones, less rework and no claims

Outstanding bone detection

It is widely accepted that the SensorX sets the standard in bone detection. Through advanced sensing technology and software development, the SensorX possesses bone detection capabilities that are unprecedented among automatic bone detection systems. This applies to the detection of both embedded and surface bones (wishbones, fanbones/deltabones, rib bones and others). Compared to manual inspection, the SensorX produces much more reliable and consistent results in a production environment.

SensorX systems

The flexibility of the SensorX, combined with Marel’s long experience in designing all-inclusive integrated turnkey systems, ensures that an optimal bone detection solution can be designed to fit any deboning process. The SensorX has been successfully integrated with all major poultry deboning systems.


Product variety and capacity

The SensorX works successfully with any type of deboned poultry meat – chicken, turkey or duck meat —and any part of the bird – whether it is breast meat fillets, tenders, nuggets, offcuts, thigh and leg meat. The only limiting factor is the maximum product dimension of 305mm (12”) and 50mm (2”) height. The machine can process up to 220 single fillets per minute.

Improved process

You cannot control what you can’t measure. By continuously gathering bone-in data and providing real-time feedback, the SensorX systems provide an excellent overview of your deboning process. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments to optimize production performance or to monitor the quality of the raw material provided by your suppliers. The ultimate result is a safer and more valuable product.

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